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Who Are The Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters are beings of light who exist predominantly in the higher dimensions where they have reached mastery over their lower three fold natures ; or that of the emotional, mental and physical selves. They are both outwardly male or female in appearance, yet in reality they are androgynous beings who have balanced their male and female aspects as they reached mastery. Whilst they are spiritually enlightened beings, having passed their initiation, they are not usually from the Earth. Ascended beings and starseeds are, both, from other dimensions and locations throughout this and other universes.

Having reached inner mastery, they are older or more evolved spirits, being closer to the realms of God or Creator. Therefore they are beings of service to God. They are aligned with and carry out God's will and exist in a state of Oneness without separation. They have pierced the illusions of third dimensional reality and returned Home to a state of oneness with Creator. They are vast beings who exist as light, inhabiting their light bodies. As psychics and channels know, when speaking with them we experience their unconditional love, humour, and a vast energy. Unlike humans who are an aspect or smaller energy, being but part of a larger collective, the ascended masters are the collective, or the Higher Self.

A Common Myth

A very common myth when we deal with our Spiritual Hierarchy of ascended masters is that they originated and evolved upon this Earth and then somehow ascended off it to the high state they have reached. This is simply not true. This mistake is probably occasioned by the fact that many of these masters have had incarnations upon Earth in order to better our societies. Their roles in the history of Earth are marked and they have helped determine the direction that humanity has taken, worked to prevent humans slipping backwards, keeping always the impetus upwards to holier heights. And this has paid off. Humanity has made great strides with the help of these masters incarnating as human.

This myth that they come from Earth might also be due to the fact that when the masters were first discussed, namely by H.P. Blavatski in the nineteenth century, people were not ready to hear about starseeds, the Galactic Federation and life elsewhere in the universe. Since that time however, we have advanced enough that the whole truth regarding their star origins has been revealed. They come, remember, from higher dimensions that are no longer physical, but at one time they did evolve on worlds much like earth in the third dimension, and achieved ascension off those worlds. This is where they differ from angels. Angels were created as ascended beings and never had to evolve from lower realms. Even though some angels do incarnate, they never have done this on mass and never for reasons of evolution, but for reasons of aiding societies to evolve.

How Did They Ascend?

Ascension is achieved through certain initiations that are undertaken, usually with a teacher who can help one find the way. One must apply oneself to the task of relinguishing attachments and desire so that one can rise above the lower nature. Buddha is a master who achieved this, so did Jesus and others. In the past it was no easy matter because the Earth was denser in nature and the truth was harder to perceive. In the present age, the planet is much enlightened and is itself undergoing initiation into higher dimensions, carrying all upon her into a higher state.

We have already passed from the third dimension into the fourth, a great achievement, on our way to the fifth dimension. There is great excitement in spiritual groups around the Earth who understand this - the party has already begun, and will continue. One day the ascended masters will be able to show themselves publically, that day is said to be soon. Meanwhile, they are entirely available to call upon, commune with, channel, or read other channelings that are available online. We can learn much from them, as we are meant. So please feel free to enjoy this website as more articles about our wonderful ascended masters are added.

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